Potrero & Tecate Fire Safe Council

The Fire Safe Council is a community volunteer group made up of local neighbors and friends whose mission is to make both the communities of Potrero and Tecate, CA fire safe.  This effort is through education, training and support.  These programs start from personal and community emergency preparedness, community safety programs which include more than just fire safety.

​We assist residents to create their proper defensible space as well as remove dead, dying and diseased trees that could damage homes or property in the event of a fire or wind event.


Chipping Program:

Some fees need to apply for chipper upkeep, fuel, set-u and brake-down along with storage.  (Service Fee: $100 for up to 4 hours)

Ask About our fee Free fuels reduction programs and partnerships.  If you qualify, you can have some of your brush works or chipping done for free.  These "Grants," Special Programs and Events may have qualifying requirements, call for details.

Our multi point approach to providing a full range of Emergency Preparedness education, information, services and fire follow-up projects continue throughout the year.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Bob Uribe @ 619.884.0832 OR EMAIL US AT rduribej@gmail.com


Board Members:

Chair: Bob Uribe     

Vice Chair: Ed Boryla        Secretary/Treasurer:

Doreen Ortmeier

We always accept donations, thank you and Stay Safe!

P.O. Box 4 - Potrero, CA 91963


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