Potrero/Tecate Fire Safe Council

Community meetings are held the last Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Potrero Community Center located at 24550 Highway 94, Potrero, CA 91963

The Fire Safe Council is a community volunteer group made up of local

neighbors and friends whose mission is to make both the communities of Potrero and Tecate, CA fire safe.  This effort is through education, training and support.  These programs start from personal and community

emergency preparedness , community safety programs which include more than just fire safety.

        They assist residents to create their proper defensible space as well as remove dead, dying and diseased trees that could damage homes or property in the event of a fire or wind event. Their multi point approach to

providing a full range of disaster preparedness education, information,

services and fire follow-up projects continue thought out the year.

       The Potrero Tecate Disaster Preparedness Team consists of our local Fire Safe Council that provides Defensible Space and Fire Wise methods to help makehomes safe, fire crew access and customer evacuation easier and safer, long term structure hardening and fire safe lifestyles when working or recreating in and around community homes. At least four free community chipping days are held to help the communities safely reduce fire fuels. 

        In supporting the Mountain Empire HAM Radio team, we stress the use of radios for information use and emergency back-up for ongoing fire or other disaster scenarios. Their Animal Services program is primarily an ongoing education to pet and livestock owners in their responsibility along with cooperation with San Diego County assigned evacuation or protection agencies.

        Many of the council members are CERT team members that work as part of the multi community San Diego County Fire "CERT Team" that operates in the Southern part of our county. Through their program manager, they train for all aspects of Disaster preparedness, response and offer a wide range of services to the communities such as; preparedness, basic first aid, basic firefighting, emergency management, fundamental search and rescue, and distribution programs.

      The Back Country Help organization is the local labor force used primarily for fuels modification programs but is also available for other functions.  (See Back Country Help)

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Bob  Uribe @ 619.884.0832 OR EMAIL US AT pvfdchief@sbcglobal.net.

Fire Authority, community agencies partner to provide

free smoke alarms:



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Board Members:

President: Bob Uribe     

Vice President: Ed Boryla        Secretary/Treasurer:

Doreen Ortmeier

Eric Berger         Ken Hanson

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